The Wavos


What have The Wavos learned from 2012? 1) our Otter House shows keep getting better and better, what a fantastic crowd, great people, how much higher can you get? 2) Even aside from the Moog factory being there, Asheville NC is a very cool place and we seriously want to find better venues and get a buzz going. 3) Harrisonburg VA, ditto, great college town and the heart of Spaghettifest, we love playing there. 4) NYC, not so much. Too hard for us to get people out these days. Better to play just one or two shows a year at the Underground Lounge. 5) Hoboken: sorry guys. 6) Myrtle Beach: yes, it's possible. We like our new Bourbon Street Bar, where we just had a great New Years Eve show. 7) Roanoke: we tried, and we'll try again next year. 8) We need help in Northern VA, gotta spread the alternative dance wave craze out from Fredericksburg. 9) And last but certainly not least, SECOND WAVE EP1 was released in September. Good challenges and possibilities all around!