The Wavos

Super-NOVA! HOB!! Halloween!!!

After the best Wavos summer yet, September was completely off the HOOK! Spaghettifest 11 was amazing, and The Light Horse in Alexandria and O'Sullivan's in Arlington ended up being our best bar gigs ever. Who knew there was such a great crowd of '80s-loving nightlifers in northern VA?! We've been meeting fantastic people: lots of 20- and 30-somethings, some 40's and beyond. These will be regular stops for us, so look for us in NOVA every few weeks. We also landed a gig on the Deck at Myrtle Beach's House of Blues, and will be playing the restaurant on Dec. 14th. Now let me catch my breath and we'll start getting our GOTH set ready for Halloween. The darkness begins at the Light Horse on Oct. 26th!