The Wavos

The German New Wave Trilogy

Continuing with the "trilogy" format we teased you with in 2011 (the 3 top New Order songs) and re-jumpstarted more recently with the hugely popular Drives-Addicted-NeedU, Pop/Radio/Video, and Jessie's-Dancin'-Sunglasses, we are now diving into "ROT HEISS" (red-hot) territory with a GERMAN NEW WAVE trilogy:

Peter Schilling: MAJOR TOM

Don't worry, if you've heard us play the Nena song already then you know we'll be singing these in English. But you know the Germans embraced New Wave like nobody else, and these songs are among the best and a total blast to play!

Earlier this year we capped our "THINGS" trilogy with Depeche Mode's 1983 hit EVERYTHING COUNTS, in sequence with Level 42's "Something About You" and Howard Jones's "Things Can Only Get Better", a combination that's already become a staple at Wavos shows. More recently we added SHY/LOVE/KISS, a trio of songs by Kajagoogoo, Thompson Twins and TinTin: if you haven't heard Love On Your Side or Kiss Me before then you need to come check 'em out, they're absolutely killer!

P.S. Here's a little Wavos secret, since you're reading this. Ironic "Freebird!" shouters might get treated to a mashup of Freebird and Closer, in pure Nine Inch Nails style...

We'll see you Nov. 17th at Buffalo Mo's, and NEW YEARS EVE at the Colonial Tavern! Then it's back to the D.C. area in early 2019 - don't forget to check our SHOWS page.

Ride the WAVE, it's what you crave!