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The German New Wave Trilogy


Continuing with the "trilogy" format we teased you with in 2011 (the 3 top New Order songs) and re-jumpstarted more recently with the hugely popular Drives-Addicted-NeedU, Pop/Radio/Video, and Jessie's-Dancin'-Sunglasses, we are now diving into "ROT HEISS" (red-hot) territory with a GERMAN NEW WAVE trilogy:

Peter Schilling: MAJOR TOM

Don't worry, if you've heard us play the Nena song already then you know we'll be singing these in English. But you know the Germans embraced New Wave like nobody else, and these songs are among the best and a total blast to play!

Earlier this year we capped our "THINGS" trilogy with Depeche Mode's 1983 hit EVERYTHING COUNTS, in sequence with Level 42's "Something About You" and Howard Jones's "Things Can Only Get Better", a combination that's already become a staple at Wavos shows. More recently we added SHY/LOVE/KISS, a trio of songs by Kajagoogoo, Thompson Twins and TinTin: if you haven't heard Love On Your Side or Kiss Me before then you need to come check 'em out, they're absolutely killer!

P.S. Here's a little Wavos secret, since you're reading this. Ironic "Freebird!" shouters might get treated to a mashup of Freebird and Closer, in pure Nine Inch Nails style...

We'll see you Nov. 17th at Buffalo Mo's, and NEW YEARS EVE at the Colonial Tavern! Then it's back to the D.C. area in early 2019 - don't forget to check our SHOWS page.

Ride the WAVE, it's what you crave!

New new new!


We're expanding our presence in Northern Virginia with new venues and towns, at the same time playing more often in New York City. If you haven't seen the band in a while, now's the time to come hear a whole lotta new tunes. When we resurrected some songs we haven't done in years, into new medleys Cars-Science-Tainted-Melt and Japanese-Goody-Blister, it was a huge hit. It inspired us to come up with even more fun mashups and medleys. Ya know, some songs are great for about 2 minutes, and then you want to hear something else. Not to take away from the songs that are great through-and-through and will never get cut, this gives us the opportunity to play even more fun '80s tunes in a night. And we love it!

Cinco de Wha??


Cinco de MAYO is already a big deal without us, so we were going to release our new CD on June 5th. Now that we've had to push the official public release date out another month, July 5th is the new Cinco de WAVO. But as our best friends and fans, you'll still be able to get Cinco de Wavo today! And just for you, the CD pre-release party will still take place at The West End in NYC's upper west side, on June 14th. Let's make Cinco de WAVO last all summer!

Cinco de Wavo CD


It's really happening! Our new CD "Cinco de Wavo" is all mastered and just waiting for final artwork from none other than George DuBose, who did the first B-52's cover among many others. Who knew that he was so big in the hip-hop world?! We've been taking a little break from touring to focus on the CD release, after three incredible months in northern Virginia. NOVA, we love you! We'll be back at our favorite hot spots in Alexandria and Arlington on May 9th and 10th. Cinco de Wavo is set to pop on June 5th, with a CD release party to follow at The West End in NYC's upper west side. Happy spring everyone!

Super-NOVA! HOB!! Halloween!!!


After the best Wavos summer yet, September was completely off the HOOK! Spaghettifest 11 was amazing, and The Light Horse in Alexandria and O'Sullivan's in Arlington ended up being our best bar gigs ever. Who knew there was such a great crowd of '80s-loving nightlifers in northern VA?! We've been meeting fantastic people: lots of 20- and 30-somethings, some 40's and beyond. These will be regular stops for us, so look for us in NOVA every few weeks. We also landed a gig on the Deck at Myrtle Beach's House of Blues, and will be playing the restaurant on Dec. 14th. Now let me catch my breath and we'll start getting our GOTH set ready for Halloween. The darkness begins at the Light Horse on Oct. 26th!



The Wavos are going NOVA! Bringing the alternative dance wave craze to Northern Virginia with a June 15th show in Old Town Alexandria and a Sept. 14th show in Arlington, and more venues in the works. As you know, Gordon grew up in McLean VA (among other places), and Virginia is the band's hotspot, the midpoint between their NYC and NC/SC homes. No. VA has been on the Wavos radar for a while, and if you're a native then you won't have to travel to Fredericksburg all the time to see us.

Myrtle Beach is Happening!


We're finally getting some traction in the Myrtle Beach area! After being contacted by Pine Lakes Tavern, and the fabulous Island Bar & Grill in Surfside, we've been invited to play a club gig and Surfriders Luau at Hot Fish Club, in the uber-happening summer hotspot of Murrells Inlet. 2013 is already looking to be the best Wavos year yet!

2-burg weekend


Tomorrow we leave for our first 3-gig weekend, in Virginia of course! First stop Harrisonburg, the home of James Madison U. and our great friends Midnight Spaghetti, with a live radio show on WXJM-FM on Thursday and a club gig at Clementine on Friday. Saturday we head over to our new Fredericksburg home, the Colonial Tavern. Life is good!

Goodbye Otter House, hello Colonial Tavern


After 3½ amazing years, the Otter House has closed. We owe these guys a huge debt of gratitude, for giving us an incredible place to grow our show and put together such a fantastic fan base. We're practically Fredericksburg natives now, so how could the party stop? Our new club home will be the Colonial Tavern, where we debut tomorrow night. Major thanks to Jesse Scott for this fantastic write-up:



What have The Wavos learned from 2012? 1) our Otter House shows keep getting better and better, what a fantastic crowd, great people, how much higher can you get? 2) Even aside from the Moog factory being there, Asheville NC is a very cool place and we seriously want to find better venues and get a buzz going. 3) Harrisonburg VA, ditto, great college town and the heart of Spaghettifest, we love playing there. 4) NYC, not so much. Too hard for us to get people out these days. Better to play just one or two shows a year at the Underground Lounge. 5) Hoboken: sorry guys. 6) Myrtle Beach: yes, it's possible. We like our new Bourbon Street Bar, where we just had a great New Years Eve show. 7) Roanoke: we tried, and we'll try again next year. 8) We need help in Northern VA, gotta spread the alternative dance wave craze out from Fredericksburg. 9) And last but certainly not least, SECOND WAVE EP1 was released in September. Good challenges and possibilities all around!

Midsummer Wave Heat!

It's a heat wave and The Wavos are all up in it! Joe is on his way up for two shows, one on Friday at our upper west home base, and another next Wednesday in Chinatown where we'll be opening for our good buddies, the masterful funk mob MIDNIGHT SPAGHETTI & THE CHOCOLATE G-STRINGS. Between Saturday and Wednesday we'll be recording the drum parts and vocals for no less than 11 new songs! SECOND WAVE is coming...

Weekend Warriors


We are the Weekend Warriors! It's a little hard to go back to daily life after two great weekends of back-to-back shows: first in New York City's downtown east & uptown west, then in Virginia's northeast & midwest. With a bunch of new songs, we're up to a grand total of 81 in rotation, including 10 original Wavos songs. Next up is NYC's Underground Lounge on 5/21, and then Gordon heads down to Myrtle Beach for a week of recording basic tracks at Joe's place. Look for the second Wavos album in 2011!

Spring Forward!


Tone has established himself in his new dayjob, and The Wavos are coming in again! With two dates at the Underground Lounge in April — 4/2 and 4/23 — and new songs including fun '90s hits. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions, keep 'em coming!

February & March


We're taking a couple months off from playing live, to give Tone a chance to get adjusted to his new day job. A little time to regroup, focus our 2011 strategy, plan our new CD and finish recording the newest songs. So it's all good, and we'll be back on the road in April. See you then!

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